Time line

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Time line for the Project: EMI in Vietnam:

Project Time Line

January 28

Grant proposal

September 29

Announcement by DFAT

October 31

Launching the Facebook group of Project

https://www.facebook.com/groups/vnemi/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/institutionallinkage/
November 1

Launching website of the project

November 9

Team project meeting

Preparation for upcoming activities: Content for meeting with leaders and managers from School of Education and Division’s international office, UniSA Content of website and information dissemination Project’s EI for Vietnamese participants
November 11

Launching project’s blogs

http://vietnamemi.wordpress.com http://vietnamemi.blogspot.com
November 13

Meeting with mangers of School of Education, EAS’s Division, UniSA

November 28

Selecting participants from Vietnam

March 26

Training workshop in Adelaide

Tentative contents: (i) EMI in your discipline/institution; (ii) EMI: Global trends and possibilities; (iii) English and EMI in Viet Nam; (iv) reflective cases; (v) classroom observations; (vi) Genre pedagory and EMI; (vi) English language support for students.
December 10

Seminars in Vietnam

Ha Noi, Chi Minh City and Da Nang
December 15

International Conference in Ha Noi

1.5 days